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A podcast about traveling the special needs road and discovering the hidden gems and unique finds of a place you didn't think you would be. We share how families are doing amazing things as a result of a diagnosis, and give you a glimpse into the realities of raising children with differing needs.

Apr 28, 2021

Shelley Kramm went from designer to special needs mom, to advocate then to non profit organization founder, then blogger, and she shares with us how she made her way through each of those roles as she focused on inclusive play and empowering women. 

We talk about:

  • Finding out her daughter has cerebral palsy
  • Her transformation from mom to special needs mom
  • Discovering the need for inclusive play spaces
  • Putting her landscape design and architecture degree to use
  • Deciding to start a non profit so all kids could have a place to play
  • Making the connections to make her dream a reality
  • Raising a million dollars for her park
  • The birth of Hadley’s Park
  • How over 50 parks were built in the mid atlantic area to serve everyone
  • What exactly an inclusive park is and how it caters to all, no matter the disability
  • Pivoting from one organization to another project, The DC Ladies
  • Deriving joy from empowering women
  • The shock of becoming a single parent
  • Creating an online community for special needs moms


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