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A podcast about traveling the special needs road and discovering the hidden gems and unique finds of a place you didn't think you would be. We share how families are doing amazing things as a result of a diagnosis, and give you a glimpse into the realities of raising children with differing needs.

Mar 21, 2020

Meg & Angie share their special needs lifehacks

  • Surviving medical & blood work appts
  • Navigating insurance issues
  • Money-saving ideas
  • Making mealtime & grocery shopping easier
  • Organizing & homes for things
  • Taking meds
  • Preparing for new things
  • Elopement & wandering
  • Obtaining medical equipment & fencing
  • Technology to keep children safe
  • Potty challenges
  • And much more! 

Tune in and check out our show notes!

Comfort Hold

Different holds for supporting a child during a pediatric procedure  

 Google Calendar for medical tracking

Each child has a separate calendar, but you could create calendars based on whatever you want to track.  


The best videos ever - 


Link for guidelines per state -


Sleep Safe Bed -

 Door sensor by Smart Things  

 Fencing - Apply for grants 

 Locator - JioBit - Real-Time GPA tracker -

 Project Lifesaver -

 DIY Swing

Borrow option from Equipment Connection - 


Prepdish - fits special diets -



Download a YouTube video to your phone